Nabha Natesh Returns Strong with ‘Darling’

Nabha Natesh Returns Strong with 'Darling'

In a spectacular event held yesterday, the trailer for the much-awaited film ‘Darling’ was unveiled, marking Nabha Natesh’s triumphant return to the silver screen after a challenging period following a serious accident in 2022. The event, attended by industry stalwarts and fans alike, resonated with praises for Nabha Natesh’s resilience and dedication.

Vishwak Sen, one of the film’s key figures, commended Nabha Natesh for her unwavering commitment and determination, despite the setbacks she faced. “A lot of people would feel low when something like this happens in life, but Nabha came back strong with dedication and commitment. She is an inspiration to millions,” he remarked, reflecting on her journey to recovery and comeback.

Director Ashwin Raam, who helms ‘Darling’, also showered accolades on Nabha Natesh, emphasizing her fearless approach to challenges. He recounted how she fearlessly embraced the complex role of a Split Personality character, a feat that many hesitated to attempt. “When I met Nabha, she simply said ‘Inthena,’ showing her unshakable belief in the script and her craft,” he shared, highlighting her bold decision-making and artistic dedication.

Nabha Natesh in Darling

Nabha Natesh herself spoke passionately about the film and its personal significance. “The story of ‘Darling’ found me at a time when I was seeking direction after my recovery. I’ve been preparing for this my entire life,” she revealed, underscoring her deep connection to the project and her readiness to deliver a standout performance.

Known for her charismatic presence and stellar acting prowess, Nabha Natesh has captivated audiences with her blend of glamour and talent. As anticipation builds for ‘Darling,’ industry insiders and fans alike eagerly await her portrayal, expecting nothing short of brilliance from the talented actress.

With ‘Darling,’ Nabha Natesh not only marks her comeback but also sets a poignant example of resilience and passion, inspiring countless others with her journey of determination and artistic pursuit. As the film gears up for its release, all eyes are on Nabha Natesh, ready to witness her shine once again on the big screen.

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