Vijayashanthi’s powerful first glimpse from #NKR21

Vijayashanthi's powerful first glimpse from #NKR21

Vijayashanthi’s powerful first glimpse from Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Pradeep Chilukuri, Ashoka Creations, NTR Arts, and #NKR21 Unleashed.

When Vijayashanthi was at her peak, her strong parts on cinema earned her the nickname “lady Super star”. She finally agreed to work in the film #NKR21, which starred Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, because she was a big fan of both the character and the screenplay. She was in no position to refuse. Above all, she will be seen as a law-abiding cop, just like in Karthavyam.

Vijayashanthi Birthday Glimpse - #NKR21 | Nandamuri Kalyanram | Saiee Manjrekar | NTR Arts

With this first look poster, the filmmakers introduced Vijayashanthi’s character, Vyjayanthi IPS, and wished her a happy birthday. She wore shades, but her pain was still palpable. She really does look stunning in khaki.

Vijayashanthi's powerful first glimpse from #NKR21

A sneak peek introducing the character has also been released by the creators. “Vyjayanthi IPS… Thanu Pattukunte Police Thupakike Dhairyam Vasthundi… Vesukunte Uniform Ke Promotion Vasthundi… Thane Oka Yuddham… Meme Thana Sainyam,” is narrated by Kalyan Ram. The glimpse emphasizes the importance of Vijayashanthi’s persona once more. In the video, Kalyan Ram also had a savage appearance.

On the occasion of Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao’s birth anniversary, Pradeep Chilukuri’s film #NKR21, titled The Fist of Frame, had its sneak peek released to a resounding reception. The preview had a lot of action and showed Kalyan Ram in a different outfit.

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