RGV’s ‘Vyuham’ releasing on OTT

RGV's 'Vyuham' releasing on OTT

The renowned director Ram Gopal Varma always manages to create a sensation with his work, and his recent films ‘Vyuham’ and ‘Saphatham’ are no exception. Despite facing controversy, the first part of the series, ‘Vyuham’, successfully cleared the hurdles of the Censor Board and was released in theaters. However, it failed to impress the audience. As a result, there may be a delay in the release of the second part, ‘Saphatham’.

In a bold move, renowned filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has expanded his creative endeavors by simultaneously directing two web series along with his films ‘Vyuham’ and ‘Sapatham’. The web series titled ‘Sapatham Arambam Chapter 1’ and ‘Sapatham Antham Chapter 2’ follow the same gripping plot as the films, showcasing Varma’s unique storytelling abilities across different mediums. This innovative approach not only showcases Varma’s versatility as a filmmaker but also offers audiences a deeper dive into the intriguing world he has created.

RGV's 'Vyuham' releasing on OTT

In these web series, you can watch ‘Sapatham Antham’ from March 7 at 8 pm. RGV announced ‘Sapatham..Antham ‘ from March 8 at 8 pm on AP Fibernet in Andhra Pradesh on Pay Per View through OTT App.

Ram Gopal Varma says that the real reason for making two web series ‘Sapatham Antham Chapter 1 and Sapatham Antham Chapter 2’ is to show the raw truth to everyone without hiding anything.

Ram Gopal Varma stated that the primary goal behind creating the two web series ‘Sapatham Antham Chapter 1 and Sapatham Antham Chapter 2’ is to present the unfiltered truth to audiences without any concealment.