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Sankranthi festival Muggulu Designs

Sankranthi festival

Sankranthi, also known as Makar Sankranti, is a harvest festival celebrated in many parts of India. It is observed on the14th or15th of January every year, marking the transition of the sun into the zodiac sign of Capricorn (Makara). The festival is named after this astrological event

Sankranthi is a significant festival for farmers as it symbolizes the beginning of the harvest season and the end of the winter solstice. It is a time to express gratitude to nature and celebrate the abundance of crops

The festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and traditional rituals in various parts of India. People wear new clothes, exchange sweets and gifts, and decorate their homes with colorful rangoli designs. Traditional dishes made from freshly harvested crops like sugarcane, sesame seeds, jaggery, and rice are prepared and shared with family and friends

Sankranthi festival Muggulu Designs

One of the most popular customs of Sankranthi is the flying of kites. Skies are filled with colorful kites of various shapes and sizes, and people engage in friendly kite-flying competitions. It is believed that flying kites during Sankranthi helps in bringing good luck and prosperity for the year ahead

In some regions, Sankranthi is also celebrated with bull-taming events called Jallikattu or Kambala. These traditional sports involve the running of bulls in open fields and attract a large number of participants and spectators

Sankranthi festival 2024 Muggulu Designs

Overall, Sankranthi is a joyous festival that brings communities together to celebrate the harvest, express gratitude, and enjoy traditional customs and festivities.

Sankranthi muggulu typically feature geometric patterns, floral designs, or traditional symbols such as the sun, birds, or animals. The designs are made by hand and vary in complexity and size. They are drawn at the entrance of homes and temples to welcome prosperity and good fortune

Creating Sankranthi muggulu is a popular tradition during the festival, and women and girls in households often compete with each other to create the most elaborate and beautiful design. It is believed that making these intricate patterns brings positivity and harmony to the household

Sankranthi muggulu are temporary artworks and are typically made early in the morning. They are carefully drawn and filled with vibrant colors to create a visually appealing display. The muggulu are also accompanied by traditional rituals and prayers, adding to the festive atmosphere of Sankranthi

In recent times, Sankranthi muggulu have also gained popularity on social media platforms, with people sharing their creations and designs online. This has led to the exploration of new patterns and variations in Sankranthi muggulu, while still maintaining the traditional essence of the art form

Sankranthi festival 2024 Muggulu Designs
Sankranthi festival 2024 Muggulu Designs
Sankranthi festival 2024 Muggulu Designs
Sankranthi festival 2024 Muggulu Designs
Sankranthi festival 2024 Muggulu Designs
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